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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Live Hazard Collective Illustrated Concert 2

I am posting here the rest of the photos from the illustrated concert that followed the private view of the Sanctuaries exhibition at Rich Mix London on the 6th of February 2014.

The illustrated concert was well received with a good crowd attending the event. There was a nice chilled athmosphere on the night, with many friends and colleagues dropping by to show their support!.

We had organised a set list for the event to go smoothly. Each pairing of visual artists with musicians were to go on the stage for a maximum of 20 mns each.

Ben Baal-Bowdler started with Gary Embury drawing live. Gary had prrepared some textures, images and collages in advance to then play with and draw on during the set. See Gary's Reportager blog entry about the event here. That contrast of Ben's athmospheric electronic music with Gary's textured visual language was, I thought, a good mix to start the event with as Guy and I aimed with our curation to bring a good contrast of visual and oral sounds. 

Members of First Hand collective (above Phoebe Halstead and Sophia O'Connor)  drew live and built a wall that was set up as part of the exhibition upstairs.

At the same time, members of Reportager's Topolski residents did some live drawings, the results of which are on the Live Hazard website here and here.

What I liked about the artists we invited to draw live is that they all brought very diffrent drawing styles to the event. Artist Rachel Gannon drew live on several transparancy layers, creating a rich visual piece. 

While the event went on, we still had a private view updtairs of the Sanctuaries exhibition. It was pretty busy and dynamic!

While Rachel was busy drawing, Jo Thomas was doing the lectronic set she has become so reknown for.

Then Mikey Georgeson's action man showed up! That was fun!

Mikey was paired with Yumi Hara Cawkwell and Guy Harries's Sonic Rituals set. There again a nice contrast and balance.

All the while people were drinking, chatting and watching the illustrated concert, and reportage artists were busy drawing upstairs, downstairs...

It was all pretty energetic and mysterious on that set! With a nice cheeky sense of  humour.

Below we have Mr Guy Harries deep in thought. And so he should be! we now had Times artist Tim Vyner in the house! And wow, what Tim did with the Ipad was amazing!

Tim uses Brushes app to make digital images normally. And used his deep knowledge of Ipad drawings to do something which was part illustration, part animation.

 Tim took us on a visual journey that fit perfectly with Illi Adato and Yoni Silver's classical sound.

Among the art savvy audience, we had Derek Brazell of the Association of Illustrators come and pay us a visit.

Live Hazard Collective Illustrated Concert 1

 Here are some photographs of my 20mns set in collaboration with musician Masol/ DJ Got Soul .

Masol's music is very funky. You can listen to what she does here. Masol came accompanied on the night with her mum and quite a few fans! 

This particular illustrated concert was part of an ongoing research project I am doing with music professor Guy Harries.  Live Hazard collective is a crossdisciplinary collaboration between illustration and music.

Formed of the two core members musician Guy Harries and visual artist Valerie Pezeron (see us above!), it invites each year a few artists and musicians, singers, poets, DJs, rappers... to join the collective for a limited period of time in order to collaborate via the format of the illustrated concert.

The formula is simple; a stage is filled musicians and a visual artist who improvise in front of a live audience. The artist brings his painting and brushes, Ipad and stylus or collage, etc... and with the help of a visualiser, the results are projected behind the stage on a big screen.

The artist's drawing  materials are as important as the musicians' instruments, and an integral part of the stage set-up.