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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

An Animated Life with David Habchy

All images courtesy of David Habchy

 I just realised I never posted on my blog the David Habchy interview I made in May this year for Dia magazine. So here it is:

Born in Beirut, DAVID HABCHY is an illustrator and animator with a different aesthetic. With a great balance of technical training to base his creativity on, David is one of those artists that captures your interest with just one look at his work. We were lucky enough to be able to interview David and see what the difference is between Lebanon and the United Kingdom, what his new collaborations are, and what other illustrators catch his eye.

“When I grow up, I want to be…” Did you always want to become an illustrator and animator?
I never thought of what I wanted to be when I was young.  My only interest was to live every moment and tell it over and over again, until I discovered a visual approach of expression; illustration and animation.
How did your time at university go?
The major I chose “Computer Graphics and Animation” was relatively new; and somehow risky.  I spent most of my university years in the drawing studio and art courses I was not enrolled in.  In a way, I created a program of my own.

Read the full article here.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

University of East London's School of Visual Arts graduate show 2010

Installation by Marta Pibernat

Last June was a big night!  My students in the 3rd year BA Illustration were showing their work and I was eager to show my support. Several of my coleagues were also exhibiting for their doctorate and I was not gonna miss this as I was very curious to see what they had been up to during the year in their private practice!

The crowd came in force to visit the school
The dean bids farewell to the 2010 alumni

For educators and students alike who are part of the School of Visual Arts, the opening night matters on so many levels. This is the time of the year where one gets to appreciate all the hard work in situ.And it was very gratifying to see Marta's 3D drawing taking shape and finally looking so good on the night! Definitely a success!

The Dean distributing prizes to the most deserving 2010 graduates many of whom were from the Fine Arts department
My students had been very ambitious in their final displays so much so that my little camera struggled to capture the surreal atmosphere and viual mood of  Emanuella's poetic installation! I have since invested in a much needed upgrade, thank you!
Emanuela Allegra's installation photograped without flash

And with flash! The screen at the back played her lovely whimsical animations!

Illustrations courtesy of Eve Lacy
Illustrator Jade barchelor's exhibition space

Visitors at the fine arts displays
Particularly worthy of note were the fashion textiles of which I took no pictures, sniff! But below is a number of fine art installations and prints, etc... that caught my eye. Enjoy!

There was beer, there was bbq and music; the mood was to party and I very graciously gave in to numerous requests for photocalls! When it came to the end of the night and as I was heading back home, I couldn't help but feel very proud and reminisce as to where this particular batch od kids are heading. All the hard work was not in vain and we all have been at this place where anything is possible and everything is yet to be achieved! How exciting!  Good luck to the illustration class of 2010! 

My students April May Choon, Rasheed Kayode Bushura and Cherish york