Holy Shit! Visions of the Walworth Jumpers

Friday, 29 June 2012

Circus Acts Performance

Last Thursday, I took part in Circus Acts, an improvisation and collaboration  event between electronic musicians and a visual artist. I was the artist who provided the projection of images on the night.

I had made some loose preparations for the gig that was meant to be an informal experimentation among friends, with a small audience witnessing the happy incidents that sprung out of responding to each of the participants' sounds- mine were visual sounds!

The beauty of such events is that one has to be flexible and quick to adapt! I had never been to the Powerlunches venue before and had made provisions for several eventualities. Still, one has to adapt to the actual conditions- i.e the lighting making the projection yellowy meant that my colours lacked in contrast. I understood fast I had to work more in black and white or darker tones.

Another issue was the position of the screen right behind the musicians, so that might nicely crafted illustrations were not really easily read by the audience. I responded by adapting my designs to work around of and with the musicians, so that an elephant's trunk looked like it was wrapped around Luc Houtkamp's wind instrument!

After the intermission, I decided to respond more directly to the music and go more abstract and immediate. After all, I give my students that exercise and I think it is good to remind oneself of the good results that come from playing and challenging oneself every once in a while!

I ended up enrolling some members of the audience towards the end to come and stick their thumbs in the art materials. And it was good fun! I intend to develop the art band to take on bigger projects and this was a good successful first trial.

Friday, 22 June 2012

ELCAF- The Festival Review

Last Sunday, I paid a visit to ELCAF, the very first East London Comics and Arts festival. The brain child of uber cool graphic novels publishers Nobrow, the festival took place at the Village Underground in the heart of Shoreditch.

Which was a good thing! When I arrived at the venue at 4pm, the queue outside was really gigantic and not moving fast at all! I decided to go to Brick Lane and the market and come back later. I found out later a few of my fellow comics enthusiasts were put off by the crowds and did not go back. But I did, at about 6 pm. It turns out the queue had vanished and it was not a problem walking in. That said, it was still quite busy inside!

I am really pleased to see quality comics taking off in the UK. Being from France,  I have for a long time despaired at the quasi non-existent comic book scene here in England. Of course, the likes of Paul Gravett and Becky Barnicoat (whom I interviewed for Amelia's magazine a while back) have fronted the resistance and championed home-grown graphic artists' books for a while but much of what has always been selling here has been either from the US or the mainland. Or ir's been low quality fanzines and some good stuff. But that seems to be changing significantly now.

I was really pleased to see my friends the Fancy Butcher and Lord Hurk selling at the festival. You will be able to see them again the International Alternative Press fair. This is where we met last year, when collaborated on murals at the Sassoon gallery.

I bought a few goodies from Self-Made heroes and discovered a few new bookshops and artists. Plus there were the usual suspects at these sort of things. The evening finished with a free concert from the Dead Pirates and my photograph above does not do justice to their amazing animation!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

More Travel Drawings in Valence

All images courtesy of Valerie Pezeron 2012. All reproductions without permission prohibited.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Location Drawings in Valence

 All images courtesy of Valerie Pezeron 2012. Do not reproduce without permission.

Over Easter this year I stayed two weeks in Valence, near Grenoble in France to visit coleagues at Les Beaux Arts and to fill up a couple of sketchbooks with drawings of the lovely pictureresque surroundings. Here are some of the results.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

My Circus Electronica Board on Pinterest

Painting by Xavier Drong 

Hello all! My Pinterest account is up and running and I have put together a board titled Circus Electronica. It's designed as inspiration for tonight's Circus Acts event. Click here to have a look!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Circuit Acts at Power Lunches

I will be live drawing in the company of a group of electronic musicians tomorrow evening in Dalston. The event is an improvisation collaboration and I will be reacting live to the music using my usual iconography as well as trying new semi-abstract imagery. I have never met most the musicians and am looking forward to experimenting on the night! Below is the blurb advertising the event. Hope to see you there on the night! 


An evening of electronic improvisation ranging from reshaped vocalisations, homemade electronics, adapted turntables, guitar sounds you've never heard before and live drawing. Featuring the internationally renowned sax player and composer Luc Houtkamp on a special visit from Holland!

luc houtkamp (sax, electronics) - http://www.luchoutkamp.nl/
john russell (guitar) - http://john-russell.co.uk/
sharon gal (voice, electronics) - http://www.myspace.com/sharongalmusic
graham dunning (turntables, homemade electronics) - http://grahamdunning.com/
guy harries (voice, flute, electronics) - http://www.guyharries.com/
valerie pezeron (live drawing and projections) - http://www.valeriepezeron.com/

some videos to watch:

Power Lunches,446 Kingsland Road, E84AA London
14 June, 8pm, tickets £5