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Monday, 17 October 2011

The Sculpture Park at Frieze Art Fair 2011

I visited the Frieze Art Fair last Saturday.  I really enjoyed the sculpture exhibit in the English Gardens of Regent's Park.
 Here I include photos of the exhibits I enjoyed the most.

Among the best "artwork" on display was this "natural arrangement of boozed up comatose folks sleeping right in the middle of the sculpture displays. They were totally oblivious to the commotion taking place around them. Bless!
Le Banc des Amoureux

Kiki Smith

Friday, 7 October 2011

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Sexy 100 at the Wall to Wall Gallery

 Photography by Lula Stone
Painting by Lee Maelzer

Last Wednesday I headed to Kentish Town to see the Sexy 100 show at the Wall to wall gallery. Curated by Stimulus Ltd, the show was quite big as is to be expected with that many sisters' work on display, with two floors plus reception filled with the most avand garde and interesting work being produced right now in the UK.

The female artists's voice was the focus of this exhibition and several of my coleagues at the University of East London were participating. I must say when I read the title of the exhibition, I was expecting kinky femninist art. And indeed, there was a good amount of that! From the diamond encrusted dick to the ornamented dildo, there was much to make you smile and shock the more...sex shy and squirmish customer. But then again, such people would not step into such a gallery in the first place, wouldn't they! 

So if we are to believe our eyes, many of these women artists are concerned with their position towards the male gaze. Nothing much surprising here but I loved the funny chicky tone that was used in treating said male member, so to speak.
Installation courtesy of Maria Arceo.

Meandering across the three floors at Wall to Wall, I found myself happily surprised by other very sensitive and evocative work such as maria Arceo's burnt sea installation. No, this show is not just about sex. Although there is nothing wrong with that, many other artists were displaing very sophisticated thoughtful pieces of fine art. I post here a few of those I really enjoyed.

 Painting courtesy of Geraldine Swayne

Art installation courtesy of Miyuki Kasahara

 Art happening courtesy of  painter, photographer and aerialist Maria Teresa Gavazzi

And what was a bonus on the night of Sexy 100's finissage is that I got to be the object of an art happening. It was fun!

Many more little happenings, concerts and interactions took place. It was a good night to come and see the show. I love London and it's that inventive and exciting!

  Sculptures courtesy of Natuka Honrubia

  Photography by Lula Stone

My apologies in advance for not naming all the artists involved. I forgot to write down the names of a few to remember.

 Sculpture courtesy of Anna Niman

 Painting and chess installation by Alice Herrick