Holy Shit! Visions of the Walworth Jumpers

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Dolls Collection photographs

These photos are from an on-going series based on a fictional dolls collection from a fictional serial killer.

It's a big project which so far has taken the form of watercolours, ink drawings, collages, digital images, paintings and here, photographs. 

I loved doing the photographs using my old SLR camera. I also love doing the drawings, they relax me, I know it's paradoxical given the subject matter! But it's cathartic.



My exhibits at Chinese Open Year of the Horse

I am exhibiting a series of watercolours from my dolls collection at the Chinese Open- Year of the Horse, a week long event in a car park, in Chinatown in the middle of Soho in London. It is all taking place on level -7.

The drawings are based on an imaginary dolls' collection by a fictitious serial killer and are a commentary on childhood and innocence.